Podium is a Computrainer indoor cycling studio used by triathletes and cyclist who train hard everyday to achieve their best levels of training and achieve their own goals in the sport of endurance. Beginners to experienced athletes, we have groups or individualized programs for you to follow step by step and reach the highest levels of training.

PODIUM Coaching

At Podium , our coaching plan will benefit racers of all abilities. While self-coached athletes can be successful it can be difficult for those with busy schedules who do not have the time or knowledge to plan out a proper training program. We will personalize the training program that will take into account your uniqueness as a person in terms of fitness background, current abilities, time restraints, illness, injury or other disruptions. Podium will help you to get ready for a specific event or type of event with a specific plan to meet those needs. As your coach, Podium will offer adjustments to the training plan as an athlete progresses or has set backs. Podium will keep the athlete on track and to a plan.

PODIUM Bike Fitting

Bike fitting works because it maximizes the muscular recruitment and biomechanical position between rider and bike allowing you to work with your machine, not against it. Bike fit creates many questions concerning cleat placement, saddle height and setback, handlebar reach and height, equipment choices, etc. for a cyclists or triathletes, and everyone has an opinion. Podium will help you navigate the questions about your unique situation and using our educational approach, immerse you in the process of fitting your bike to your body. The result of a custom fit is a unique balance of efficiency, power, and comfort. Let us take the guesswork out of your position and educate you about the details of your alignment.

PODIUM Classes

Our multirider program allows us to dial in each user to their specific threshold giving everyone the same workout but specific to their abilities. Using the Computrainer multirider indoor training system and our custom made workouts, Podium delivers the most individualized training possible.